Raven Tooth Gallery

the artwork of chase sayer stevens

I am curious about the way our memories unravel behind us as we move through time and I am interested by the ways in which we try to peer into the uncertainty of the future.  As someone who is not particularly superstitious, the notion of omens and portents are intriguing to me.

Omens, Good and Ill

Getting Clear of Hopes and Fears

This body of work started in early 2013 when I made myself a Ouija Board.  This was a project that I had floating through my head for a number of years and that spring the timing seemed right.  I exhibited the board along with some of my other paintings in a show called Negative Space at the UGLY Gallery (New Bedford, MA).  I could not have expected the reaction that the Ouija Board brought about.  People seemed to have a morbid fascination with it and I find now that people have a similar reaction to most tools for divination. Whether through tarot cards, rune stones or palmistry, we love to believe we can gain insight to our future.  Since that exhibition I have continued to explore the ides of foretelling and forgetting in a variety of media.

Speaking Board

For more information about the different styles of Ouija Boards I have made and sold, check out this post!