Raven Tooth Gallery

the artwork of chase sayer stevens

Welcome to the Side Show

Join us for a night of art, entertainment and spectacle at Guts' n Glory in Rosendale NY. In effort to amaze and astound Raven Tooth Gallery has collected 30 artist who each submitted a work inspired by a different carnival sideshow act. Come see the whole slideshow and meet some of the artist behind the work. Featuring:

Adam Manly, Adrian Poole, Amanda Russell, Andy Tedesco, Annie Raso, Ben Fishman, Bob Capozzi, bRi Johnson, Brian Tillett, Caitlin Gilbride, Carole Lanzarone, Corey Cavagnolo, Dylan MacManus, Ellie Huntress, Gen Pistol, Jenny Giammatteo, Jess Longobardo, Jesse Colvin, Joanna Hickman, Kaitlyn Evans, Katie Wild, Laura Pinckney, Leslie Macklin, Leslie Gutkin, Mat Warner, Matt Dean, Meaghan Gates, Nick Kozak, Rachel Moses, Tommy Lopez.