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the artwork of chase sayer stevens

When in Rome . . .

First and foremost, new images are up! Now that the Negative Space Exhibition is over, pictures of my newest work have be posted in the collection Bones of Childhood. The Commissions and Collaborations section has also been updated and pictures are now available of commissioned work finished this spring!

And speaking of commissions, I’m in the clear. All the pieces I had been commissioned to do are now finished and on their way to their new homes. This summer I will be taking a break from commissions (and pretty much everything else) as I will be abroad in Italy, painting!  I will be sending an email out this fall when I start accepting commissions again!

In the meantime, here are two more opportunities to see my work:

I have the honor of being asked to exhibit my work in the New Bedford Mayor’s Office. Work from the collection Bones of Childhood will be on display at 133 William st. in New Bedford. I have also contributed  20 hand painted stickers to  UGLY’s New exhibition USPS! Check out my stickers and work from a ton of other talented artist, all month at U.G.L.Y. Gallery.

Heres hoping your summer is full of fun and adventure. Until the fall, Arrivederci!