Raven Tooth Gallery

the artwork of chase sayer stevens

Bob & Ellie was commissioned by the wonderful people love at Paws of Distinction in New Paltz , NY.  Last summer I donated a gift certificate to Raven Tooth to a fundraiser for the Ulster County SPCA .  The fundraised, called Dogs Ink, featured the artwork of Ty Foster. The good people at Paws made a winning bid and months of hard work later here we are.

Foreign Tides was a collaborative exhibition in which I had  the honor of working with the incredibly talented Matt Dean (of Ruby Eye Studio). During our collaboration Matt and I traded canvasses back-and-forth as we paint about our experiences traveling through Italy. 

To check out more artwork from Matt Dean visit his website at: 

Kiptoe.com you can also follow him on Instagram : @Kiptoe

There is a first time for everything, in this case pet portrait. The Sherwood family Commissioned these portraits of their boys then Venga and Ditto. Not only was it a fun challenge but it may also be a taste of things to come, as i have been contacted by many other loving pet parents.

In the summer of 2012 I moved out to New Bedford MA in Preparation for graduate school. As i started to check out the local art scene I immediately found a place that felt like home. The U.G.L.Y. Gallery is a supportive community run by two young community minded futurists. Jeremiah Hernandez and David Guadalupe. In  February of 2013 I had the good fortune of collaborating with David Guadalupe and the U.G.L.Y. Gallery family. This piece was one of 20 collaborations in an exhibition titled Where's the Love

Mohonk Kids' Club

In January of 2013 I was commissioned by the Mohonk Mountain House to design a stylized map of the area surrounding the Mountain House and paint it as a mural in the newly renovated Council House. This outbuilding is the home of Mohonk’s Kids’ Club. 82 hours of drawing, cutting and painting! What a great time.

Another anniversary painting in the books. These paintings were commissioned as gifts. After looking through the photos from each couples wedding I found images that worked well as a references. Once that is done, it's exacto knives and spray cans!