Raven Tooth Gallery

the artwork of chase sayer stevens

Fall 2013

  I’m Chase! I am a Hudson Valley based artist and teacher. In May of 2015 I earned my graduate degree in  Art Education from UMass Dartmouth.

        I have been making visual art in some form or another since I was an awkward adolescent and making things continues to be a large part of my life now that I’m awkward adult. I draw most of my inspiration from comic books, street art and tattoo culture and I believe that art, in its simplest form, is the act of making decisions.

              I like good food and loud conversation. I love a good story whether it’s true or not. I write well but spell awfully. I laugh often and forgive as much as I’m able. I do my best work when I have something to work toward. My friends and family have never let me down and, because of this, I hope that I can give as much as I’ve been given.